About Us

A. H. Sturgill Roofing, Inc. has been serving customers for decades with extensive expertise on most roofing systems. Started by Allen Sturgill from his personal background in the industry, from sheet metal worker and repairman to foreman, Allen’s great knowledge has served the company well and provides excellence to each customer. Building on this legacy is what A.H. Sturgill Roofing is all about.

Understanding the issues common to the average customer, the A. H. Sturgill Roofing team follows the company policy that every customer should be treated with respect and given a pleasant and efficient roofing experience.  All employees, whether in the office or in the field have one goal in mind at all times: Do what is best for the customer!

Attaining a quality rating with our trusted manufacturers (within top 2% in the nation), we aim to keep it. Our team puts in the effort it takes to do things right, and all employees are properly manufacturer trained, so we stay on top of industry trends and advancements.  Along with this training, we practice a formula developed by Allen Sturgill to match the unique solution to the exact roof. And keep this solution within the building and budget requirements of our customers.

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About Our 5-Phase Approach

We take a five-phase approach that includes assessment, design, preconstruction, installation, and closing.

The Assessment is the discovery of the situation and learning of the issues being experienced. This includes knowing the budget and what you are looking for in your roofing system. We do a comprehensive inspection of the roof to determine what is the ideal solution for your building.

In the Design phase all the gathered information from the assessment/inspection is used to develop a plan for the best solution. Knowing the strengths of different roofing systems, we recommend the system best suited for your situation.

Preconstruction is a proposal and report that discusses our recommendations and advisement for your needs. Roof analysis, pictures, AutoCAD drawings, other design details will all be provided so you can make an informed decision.  We communicate every detail of your upcoming project and pay special attention to ways we will keep you in operation during the project. Careful planning helps eliminate unforeseen problems and unnecessary stress.

The Installation phase puts into action the remedy to the problem that was discovered in the assessment. Experienced in working around sensitive equipment, older structures, decorative architectures and more, we take time to protect your valuable building and investment.

Great communication from our highly skilled team is what you can expect during each phase.  If any unusual conditions are found we report them immediately, and you will be kept informed on how progress is going during each phase.

Lastly, the Closing phase leaves your property cleaner than when we arrived. Any warranties are provided here, and explanations and/or maintenance details are discussed so you know exactly what to expect from our products and services. We promise our best, most optimal solution for the best price available.  And leave you with complete customer satisfaction and a successful project!