Roof Asset Management Program

Your roof matters. A lot! It is a large investment and the asset that protects your building, staff, inventory, and other assets.

Roof repairs or replacement can be costly and can catch building owners off guard. When your roof leaks it can be a surprise, since it may have been leak free for years before a problem arose. Since most building owners never see their roof, it can be easy to miss the changes that happen with age and weather. Then when problems start coming, and you need it replaced, the cost can be more than expected.

A.H. Sturgill Roofing’s Roof Asset Management Program is here to help! Don’t be surprised by unexpected expenses. With a program in place to track your roof condition the expenses can be planned, and the life of your roof extended.

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Knowledge is Power

Only with knowledge of the true and accurate present condition of your roof, can you plan for the future accurately.

We start by performing comprehensive inspections of your roofs and identifying immediate needs to be addressed. We will determine the expected remaining life and the steps that need to be taken to extend that life, whether through regular maintenance or restoration or coating. We will plan for the replacement as well, with budgets that account for the type of roof being replaced, whether it is a tear off or recover, and the individual challenges that may be present for your roofs.

We then provide you all this information in a format that is easily understood and easily shared. We include graphs and charts of pertinent information to make financial planning as easy as possible.

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The following tools are included in the program.

  • Comprehensive Inspections of the current roof conditions.
  • Recommendations for immediate actions with pricing.
  • Recommendations for life extension using maintenance, restorations, and coatings.
  • Timelines of when to plan for the recommended items and annual repair budgets for small repairs.
  • Budgets for all future costs which consider historical inflation and current trends.
  • Annual budgets for each of your roofs or buildings.

A sample of some of our charts and graphs is included below.

Covid caused many issues and increased prices was unfortunately one of them. Construction prices have changed considerably. Now is the best time to plan your roofing capital expenditures and ensure you are protected from unexpected expenses.

Whether you have a single building or a large complex, plan ahead and call A.H. Sturgill Roofing today to inquire about managing your roof assets, 937-254-2955.