The Best Commercial Roof Repairs in Town

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The weather in Ohio can harm your commercial roof over time. For example, the seams of your roof might shrink, or holes could develop in the roofing membrane. Regardless of the damage your commercial roof has incurred, it is crucial to always have access to high-quality commercial roof repairs. If your business is in Kettering, OH, A.H. Sturgill Roofing is your best option. With years of experience, we understand how to keep the roofs of our neighboring business owners in optimal condition throughout the year. Call us today at (937) 254-2955 and acquire your no-cost estimate!

Understanding the Commercial Roof Repairs Process

The commercial roof repair process involves several key steps to identify, assess, and address issues with your commercial roofing system. Our roofers begin with a thorough inspection of your entire roof, identifying any visible damage, leaks, or potential problem areas.

If there are active leaks or signs of water damage inside the building, our roofers will use various techniques to locate the source of the leaks. Following this, they will document the inspection findings, highlighting the extent of the damage, the materials involved, and any potential underlying issues.

Before commencing repairs, our roofers take necessary safety measures to protect both themselves and your co-workers. This involves setting up safety barriers, using personal protective equipment, and securing tools and equipment. The actual repair work would involve tasks such as replacing damaged roofing materials, patching leaks, addressing flashing issues, repairing membrane damage, or fixing other specific problems. Our roofers will implement quality control measures throughout the repair process to ensure the repairs meet the required standards.

Once the repairs are completed, our roofers will conduct a final inspection to verify that all issues have been addressed and that the repaired roof is in optimal condition. This inspection may include checks for leaks, proper sealing, and overall structural integrity. We will then provide you with the documentation of the completed repairs, including before-and-after photos if applicable.

After the repairs, we will also provide recommendations for ongoing maintenance to prevent future issues, such as regular inspections, cleaning, and other proactive measures.

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If you own a commercial or industrial building in Kettering, OH, and need reliable commercial roof repairs, you are in the right place. With the skilled technicians of A.H. Sturgill Roofing at your service, no roof repair task is too big. They know precisely what to do to keep your commercial roof working at its best. For more information, feel free to call us at (937) 254-2955!