Commercial Roof Maintenance – Centerville, OH

Keeping your commercial roof in good condition ensures its safety and endurance. To maintain your Centerville, OH commercial roof in top shape, A. H. Sturgill Roofing offers expert commercial roof maintenance services. Call us at (937) 254-2955 to learn more!

The Need for Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Preserving Roof Life: Regular commercial roof maintenance enhances roof life. Environment, UV radiation, and wear and tear degrade roofing materials. Unreported leaks, cracks, and punctures can cause premature roof replacement without maintenance. Businesses may maximize their roof investment and avoid costly repairs and replacements with regular inspections and early repairs.

Maintaining Energy Efficiency: Commercial roofs need maintenance. Deteriorating roofing materials weaken insulation, raising heating and cooling costs. Gaps, cracks, and poor insulation let outside air in and conditioned air out, making HVAC systems work harder to maintain a suitable indoor temperature. Roof insulation and maintenance improve energy efficiency, utility costs, and sustainability.

Preventing Operational Disruptions: Roof issues can disrupt business operations, but routine maintenance can assist. Leaks, water damage, and structural difficulties can damage equipment, inventory, and work conditions and close temporarily. Businesses might lose money and reputation from disruptions. By preventive roof maintenance, businesses may protect employees, clients, and investments. Roof maintenance reduces downtime and streamlines business.

How Frequently Should You Maintain Your Roof?

Commercial Roof Maintenance1

Semi-Annual Inspections: Commercial roofs need twice-yearly maintenance for best performance and longevity. Spring and fall inspections are essential. Spring inspections identify and repair winter weather damage like ice and snow, while fall checks prepare the roof for winter. Regular check-ups uncover leaks, cracks, and worn materials early, allowing for quick repairs that prevent serious, costly damage.

Post-Storm Assessments: Other than biannual maintenance, your roof must be inspected after severe weather. Strong winds, rain, hail, and storms can damage commercial roofs. Post-storm examinations highlight urgent issues like missing shingles, punctures, and water intrusion. Addressing storm damage quickly protects the roof and building interior and structure.

On-going Maintenance: Beyond planned inspections and post-storm assessments, the roof needs continuous little maintenance to stay in good shape. This includes frequent cleaning to remove dirt, leaves, and other things that clog drainage systems and pool water. Flashings, seals, and gutters are also checked and maintained. Minor maintenance operations every few months or as needed help maintain the roof’s performance and prevent major damage. By taking three simple steps, businesses can ensure their roofs are protected year-round.

Time Taken for Commercial Roof Maintenance

Roofing Inspections: Normal commercial roof inspection time depends on roof size and complexity. Most commercial properties may be assessed in hours. Roofers check seams, flashings, and drainage systems for deterioration. They’ll check the roof membrane and debris. Smaller roofs may take two hours to inspect, while larger ones may take half a day.

Minor Repairs: Regular maintenance like minor repairs and cleaning takes a day or less. Cleaning the roof and gutters removes debris, leaves, and other impediments to proper drainage. Minor repairs include leak repairs, seam sealing, and roof or membrane replacement. Qualified workers can complete simple maintenance fast. Schedule maintenance on weekends or off-peak to avoid business disruptions.

Full Maintenance Projects: Depending on scale, protective coatings, full repairs, and substantial upgrades can take days to weeks. Clean and condition the roof before applying and curing protective coatings. Significant repairs may require removing and replacing large roofing sections, which takes time. Comprehensive maintenance is planned and timed to minimize business impact and done in phases to maintain roof portions operational and accessible.


Regular commercial roof repair safeguards your investment and maintains building efficiency. A. H. Sturgill Roofing in Centerville, OH, offers skilled commercial roof maintenance. Customized maintenance plans are available at (937) 254-2955. Our skilled maintenance team will keep your commercial roof durable, efficient, and compliant, offering your business peace of mind and long-term protection. Contact A. H. Sturgill Roofing in Centerville today for a consultation.