About Commercial Roof Replacement

If you have been observing water stains on the walls and roof of your commercial premises, it means that your roof has been subjected to leaks. Leaks may also indicate that it’s time to replace it with a new roof. A commercial roof replacement is a substantial task – and one that requires a significant investment of both time and money. If you are a commercial or industrial building owner in Kettering, OH, A.H. Sturgill Roofing is your best bet for handling a commercial roof replacement project. Our roofing technicians have extensive experience addressing various roofing issues over the decades. So, they are well-equipped to handle your commercial roof replacement project in the most efficient way possible. Get started today by calling us at (937) 254-2955!

Value of Commercial Roof Replacement

The smooth operation of your business depends on a sturdy roof for your commercial building. In addition to this, a roof with a flawless defense ensures your safety and that of your colleagues. Hence, when your commercial roof reaches an irreparable state, you must have it replaced in a timely manner.

Commercial Roof Replacement Process by A.H. Sturgill Roofing

At A.H. Sturgill Roofing, we are aware of the importance of a roof replacement project. So, we make sure to conduct it by thoroughly addressing every single one of its aspects. Here is the approach that we follow:

  • We begin the roof replacement process by conducting a detailed inspection of your existing roof; we evaluate its condition, identify any damages, and determine if replacement is necessary.
  • In the case of a roof replacement, we provide you with a detailed, no-cost estimate.
  • Once you give us a green signal, we commence the replacement process, implementing necessary safety measures, such as safety nets and scaffolding.
  • We will now proceed to remove the existing roofing material down to the deck.
  • The underlying structure is inspected for damage, and necessary repairs are conducted.
  • Subsequently, we install the new roofing material, ensuring a secure and aligned fit for watertight integrity.
  • The project ends with a thorough roof inspection for quality assurance.

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A.H. Sturgill Roofing is your leading choice for an impeccable commercial roof replacement service in Kettering, OH, or the surrounding area. We have been handling the roofing problems of the business owners of Ohio for years and will be delighted to serve you as well. If you want to acquire your no-obligation estimate, you just have to call us at (937) 254-2955!